Darvaza gas crater is located in the Central part of the Karakum desert/ 260 km from Ashgabat to the North West. On the way to Darvaza crater (also called “The door to Hell”) one can admire the Karakum desert, its moving sands, the saxaul and kandym desert trees. Here and there along the way we can see herds of camels grazed by the people, away from any civilization. The unique crater, located in the Karakum desert can be seen at Darvaza. Crater called the "gates of hell" has a diameter of 70 m and is situated on the largest cluster of gas underground in the world. Turkmenistan is extremely rich in natural resources, is now a sovereign state, but until 1991 was part of the Soviet Union. Even in the days of the Soviet scientists conducting drilling in the Karakum desert they have discovered an underground gas pocket near the village Darwaza. The discovery of this underground cave was completely accidental and caused the collapse of the oil rig, revealing at the same time a huge crater filled with harmful and poisonous gas. The concentration of gas inside the crater was so high that no one dared to go down to the center. That's when someone came up with the idea to light a fire in the Darvaza crater and release as a safe way of its contents. This was to last for several days, but the fire in the crater burns for more than 40 years. At night the blazing fire makes an extraordinary impression, like bubbling, hot mud in the area.