Koytendag mountains & Dinosaur Plateau, representing spur of Gissar range of Pamir-Alay great mountain system. Name “Koytendag” (or Kugitang) originates from the Persian "kuhi" and Turkic "teng" and means "almost impassable mountains". The mountain terrain is cut with numerous valleys and deep canyons, the longest of which is Hodjachilgaz Baba with a length of 28 km. The steep walls of Daray-dere canyon can reach up to 600 m. The upper slopes of the mountains plateau is covered by forests consisting of walnut, maple, juniper (archa) and wild grape trees. The whole year round a stream of cold clear water flows under the shady trees. The Umbar Dere canyon with its vertical hillsides and with an amazing waterfall of 28 m, absolutely strikes a visitor's imagination. Koytendag region is located on the far east of Turkmenistan close to Uzbekistan border. The Kugitang-Tau mountains with Airy Baba summit (the highest point in Turkmenistan-3,137 m above the sea level), a grandiose canyon "Umbar Dere" with 27m waterfalls, the Dinosaurs plateau with 438 footprints of ancient animals, unique - hydrogen sulphate water spring "Kainar Baba", canyon "Kyrk gyz", carst caves can be seen in this area.